2002 Trakehner Mare
(Kaspareit x Itamignon by Avignon II)
Owned by John Dell, Parkton, Maryland

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ITANIKA is the last daughter of our offspring by the Verband-approved Trakehner stallion, Kaspareit. This substantial mare is a full sister to Itarzan, and to the 2000 mare, Itamiga.

Twinks is a sweet, large-bodied mare with great movement. Like her siblings, she has an excellent mind, a solid disposition, and a good work ethic.

On June 4, 2006 she gave birth to Italia Dorata, a palomino Anglo-Trakehner filly by the Jockey Club Thoroughbred stallion, Guaranteed Gold. She delivered easily and was an excellent mother to her first foal.

In early fall of 2007 Twinks was started under saddle, and is green-broke and quiet. Due to injuries sustained as a young horse, her movement is uneven (especially in the trot), so she is suitable for pleasure riding.

In September 2007 Twinks was presented to the American Trakehner Association and approved for the Official Stud Book with a respectable score of 48 (the minimum approved score is 42 and "Model" is 56). The inspector did not feel the uneveness in her movement was significant enough to dispense with scoring each gait and, instead, gave her marks which reflected the uneveness. As an OSB mare, all of her offspring can be registered with the American Trakehner Association.

With her pedigree and proven broodmare capability, she is an excellent prospect for breeding. With her pleasant disposition and good size, she will be a good family horse.

Congratulation to John Dell of Maryland, who purchased Twinks in March. Good luck to him and to Twinkie at her new home!.

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Trakehner mare Itanika
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