2004 Trakehner Filly
(Windfall *Pg* x Itamignon by Avignon II)
Owned by Chuck York, Dixon, California

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ITASOPHIA is a superb filly who literally jumped over everything in her path: bushes, other foals ...!

Bay with a star and two hind socks, "Sophie" is tall and elegant yet substantial, clearly stamped by her Thoroughbred heritage. She has lovely angles with an excellent topline, a strong back connected well to her powerful hindquarters, a nicely sloped shoulder, defined withers which extend well into her back providing a superior saddle position, a beautifully shaped and well-set neck, and a gorgeous face with a large, kind eye. Her personality is precious.

Sophie was bought at weaning by Chuck York. She left Tannenwald on Christmas Eve, 2004, and arrived at her new home in Dixon, California in time to celebrate the New Year. Chuck bought her to be his future eventing horse. Chuck writes:

Her eyes are big and expressive and we seem to communicate. I can sit in her stall at night and she will lay down next to me. I can brush her at will in her stall without a halter without a problem. I can tie her and pick up her feet and clean them without a problem. I take her for golf cart rides and she ponies just fine with her ears forward....Mentally I think she is a year ahead of herself and she learns quickly. She is a true pleasure....It is fun to see heritage coming out in her as when she gallops it is all four wheels digging in. She is nothing short of sheer power developing her wings. Besides her lovable personality, I think that is one of the reasons I like her so much, she really is a solid yet athletic horse.

Best wishes to Chuck and Sophie!

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Trakehner filly Itasophia
Tannenwald Trakehner    1815 Lamerson Lane    Interlochen, MI 49643    231-275-3355