Horse breeders know that the true value of a breeding program lies within its mare herd.

Experts believe that a mare contributes up to 70% of her foals' attributes. Mares have a slight genetic advantage over stallions in passing on characteristics, but there is more to it. As the early raisers of foals, mares direct the force of "nurture," as well as "nature," in shaping the horses their foals will become. As Hilda Gurney said at a sport horse clinic, when asked about mares passing on qualities and behaviors to foals, "Everything is hereditary. A mare with clean flying changes will have foals with clean changes, a mare who cribs will have foals that crib.... Everything is hereditary."

Trakehner mare and foal

Trakehner mares are valued as keepers of the bloodlines. Trakehner foals are named following their dams, honoring and documenting the mare family (the "tail female" line) and its influence.

Our "T" mares descend from Tapete, foaled in 1938, a classically refined and noble mare with a persevering spirit. She made the arduous "Trakehner Trek" from East Prussia during World War II upon the evacuation of Trakehnen.

Our "I" mares descend from the "Ita" line, carried on through the mare Italia. Italia was also a Trek mare, surviving the journey to the west with shrapnel in her hind leg. She gave birth to horses largely responsible for rebuilding the Trakehner breed in the post-war period, including the highly important stallion Impuls, and established a mare family still known for their solid constitutions and characters.

Without further ado,

The Trakehner broodmares of Tannenwald...

American Trakehner Association mare Tanzelfe
OSB Trakehner mare Itamignon
Trakehner mare Tarika


1999 ATA OSB Trakehner Mare
by Kaspareit out of
Tariana by Graditz *E*


1990 ATA OSB Trakehner Mare
by Avignon II out of
Itamaria vom Castell by Pregelstrand



2000 ATA OSB Trakehner Mare
by Kaspareit out of
Tara vom Castell by Avignon II

Trakehner mare and foal
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