2000 OSB Trakehner Mare
(Kaspareit x Tara vom Castell by Avignon II)

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From the moment we first saw her, TARIKA impressed us with her excellent conformation and presence. She took her first nap standing in FEI frame, and at three days old demonstrated clean flying changes, natural collection and lengthenings, and respectable canter pirouettes. Bold and inquisitive, she marched away from her mama and explored our front yard, pausing to check her look in the rear-view mirror of the car in the driveway.

"Riki" was sold before weaning and traveled to Virginia at the age of five months. Her purchaser, Susan Carter, wrote this:

I looked at a lot of babies, on video and in person, in summer 2000 but in the end my top two choices were both at Tannenwald Trakehner. I finally settled on Tarika based on how Ingrid described her personality as well as how she moved on the tapes. I have not been disappointed! Her athleticism is unquestionable. When Tarika was six months old the top rail came down during a snow storm and she jumped the fence into the neighbor's field, then turned and jumped back into her own. And her attitude is excellent.

Riki has matured into a gorgeous mare, full of presence with huge, round, and swinging movement. The word "athlete" doesn't seem adequate to describe her ability.

We bought Riki back in the fall of 2004 to use in our breeding program, and enjoyed getting to know this stand-out mare all over again. Started under saddle in Virginia by Susan with the help of USDF judge and trainer, Libby Anderson, Riki started light work in the spring with Jennifer Hanna-Andrews. She showed at a few local shows and we were thrilled that she came home with a stack of blue and red ribbons!

In the August of '05 Riki was inspected for the ATA Official Stud Book. She was approved with an overall score of 53 from Brad Kerbs, who remarked that she is very correct with very good legs. She was ATA Reserve Site Champion.

In February 2010, Riki was purchased by Susan Diagana of Indiana. They seem to have the basis for a great parnership and we wish them all the best!

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