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Trakehner Treffpunkt - Trakehner Meeting Place

Trakehner Treffpunkt -
Trakehner Meeting Place

Hosted by Tannenwald Trakehner ,  
maintained by Equinnovation Equine Marketing

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" Treffpunkt " is German for "Meeting Place." Trakehner Treffpunkt has been created to provide a gathering place for owners, breeders, trainers, and above all, FRIENDS, of the Trakehner horse.

PLEASE NOTE: This site has no official connection to the American Trakehner Association or any other registering body; it has been developed and is utilized by friends of the Trakehner who may happen to be members of the ATA or other organizations. Please do not direct comments to the ATA Office, but rather to the webmaster.

Participation - reading and posting - in the Trakehner Treffpunkt Forums is free, but registration is required for posting. The vision in creating and hosting Trakehner Treffpunkt is to provide an area of open access for discussion of all things Trakehner. Imagine a giant roundtable, come in and have some refreshments and discuss issues pertaining to these wonderful horses. America believes in free speech and we will, where possible, not moderate any posts or replies to the forum. To that end, please observe the following guidelines:
1) Only topics reasonably related to any aspect of the Trakehner horse are relevant to this forum
2) Everyone is proud of their Trakehners and your news and success stories are welcome, but please refrain from blatant self-promotion. The purpose of the forum is discussion and sharing of knowledge, not advertising
3) Please do not make any malicious or defamatory statements
4) Do not post any images for which you do not own the copyright or have the legal right and authorization of the copyright-holder to post.
5) When posting, please observe the requirements stated in the introductory letter you will see at the time you register.
The opinions expressed herein are those of the individual posters, not of Tannenwald Trakehner, Trakehner Treffpunkt, nor any of their owners, officers, shareholders, agents, or employees.