2001 Trakehner Gelding


1977 Chestnut Trakehner stallion
OSB-E-S172, height 16.3H, girth 76.0", bone 9.0".
Bred by O. Langels, Gestüt Hämelschenburg, FRG; Owned by Dancing Fields Farm.

Approved at Neumünster in 1979, Kaspareit was imported to the United States in 1980. The German Stallion Book provides the following remarks:
"Tall, strong, broad & deep. Good neck set and harmonious overall impression; good movement. Significant breeding stallion type of high quality."
Due to an injury received in importation, he started his competition career late. He was competed through Intermediare I and evented through Preliminary, and schooled in all the FEI movements. Unfortunately, complications arising from his earlier injury forced his early retirement. He was recognized in the 2000 book Trakehner Hengstregister as one of the limited list of stallions who have been successful in sport, acknowledging his successful dressage career through "S" Level. Standing at Gay McCall's Dancing Fields Farm in California, Kaspareit became one of the most popular Trakehner stallions in North America.

Kaspareit died in March, 2002, leaving behind one ATA-approved son, PARAMOURE, and many young offspring yet to be inspected and prove their value in the performance arena.


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1973 Dark bay Trakehner stallion
height 166 cm; girth 194 cm; cannon 21.0 cm.
Bred by K. Rosenau, FRG.

Reserve Champion of his approvals at Neumünster 1975, he was performance tested at Medingen in 1976 and was Reserve Champion of the testing. The German Stallion Book provides as follows:
"Very significant and high-class in everything. Good large frame, strong skeleton, voluptuous muscles; excellent way of going in all paces."
Mozart stood at Gestüt Hämelschenburg in Hameln from 1976 through 1979. He was sold to Holland in 1980, where he was accepted as an improvement sire within the Dutch Warmblood and became Dutch champion three times. In 1985 was imported to the United States. He sired 4 graded sons and 57 studbook daughters in Germany, including the Elite Mare SCHWALBENBURG, and many quality horses throughout Europe and in North America. Mozart died in 1997 while breeding a mare.


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1972 Bay Trakehner mare
Height 162 cm; inspection scores: 2, 2, 3 / 2, 1

Kapriziöse is the dam of two approved stallions, the full brothers KASPAREIT and KAPUCCINO, both by MOZART. Kaspareit competed successfully at dressage through FEI levels; Kapuccino was a highly successful jumper until his early death at age 10. She is also the full sister to: the graded stallion KARNEVAL (sire of 2 approved sons and 17 stud book mares, including Verband Elite mare PREUSSENLIED, prior to his importation to the U.S. in 1980), who stood as the chief sire at Hamilton Farms for many years; to the successful broodmare KARBEN, dam of KARIM and KARON (sire of E.H. CAPRIMOND, among others in a short breeding career); and to the showjumping mare "KASKADE,' dam of the jumper KARAJAN and the dressage horse KASKARO.


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Avignon II

1974 Black/Brown Trakehner stallion
OSB-E-S180, height 16.1H, girth 77.2", bone 9".
Bred by Dr. Rudolph Arning, FRG; Owned by and imported by The Barton Family of Sorento, Illinois.

Full brother to the German Verband Stallion of the Year and Elite Hengst AROGNO (sire of TCN PARTOUT ridden by Anky van Grunsven), and the States Premium and Premium Mare ANNA KARENINA; half brother to numerous graded stallions including ISTANBUL and DAMASKUS.

Sire of multiple champions, in hand as well as all disciplines; sire of ATA approved stallion PAJOU and 1996 ATA National Champion Mare THE NOIR VOM CASTELL. 20 years after his importation to the US, his impact is still seen in Germany, exemplified by his granddaughter LIVONNE, State Premium and Verband Premium mare, photographed after claiming Reserve Champion at the Landesschau in Westfalia, 2000. The German Stallion Book provides the following remarks:
"Harmonious overall, full of expression; medium frame, correct, medium strong foundation; breed type and characteristics clearly evident; well muscled body, compact and tautly textured; type of the multifaceted performance horse that could have a bit more masculinity. "
Avignon died in 2002 at Castell Imperator Hof.


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The Princess Condé

Dark Bay Trakehner mare

Princess was bred by the Barton family of Sorento, Illinois and has been a valued member of the broodmare herd of Castell Imperator Hof.

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1960 Dark Bay Trakehner stallion
height 165 cm; girth 193 cm; cannon 21.1 cm.
Bred by U. Poll, Hörem, FRG.

Gunnar was performance tested in 1964 at Westercelle, and the German Stallion Book provides the following comments:
"Good character, balanced temperament, hard constitution. Responds to all ridden cues very willingly, easily and comfortably. Walk sufficiently good, trot good with extension. A stallion with much expression and dryness. Expressive face, good neck; much shoulder; in all quite compact. The front legs could be somewhat sturdier, formation of the hocks is satisfactory. The stallion goes somewhat wide behind, the hooves somewhat close together; way of going is very swinging, although not quite correct.

Almost all get are marked by energetic, swinging movement, and usually also by beautiful heads with good overall expression. If the mare is coarse in some respects, the children also are somewhat. Gunnar produced good breeding horses as well as good riding horses. Overall, he is considered a valuable element for Trakehner breeding."
He died in 1984, leaving 13 approved stallion sons and 98 studbook daughters, including the Elite Mare JENNY.

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1967 Bay Trakehner stallion
height 167 cm; girth 186 cm; cannon 21.0 cm.
Bred at Gestüt Webelsgrund, Springe, FRG.

Ibikus won first prize as well as Champion at the 1974 DLG Exhibition at Frankfurt and Mature Stallion Champion in Denmark in 1984. Approved at Neumünster in 1969, he was performance tested at Medingen in 1970. The Greman Stallion Book gives the following remarks:
"Walk, trot and canter very good; constitution satisfactory; good temperament, balanced character. Rideability very good; cross-country performance test good, jumping ability very good. Total result: very good.

Based on pedigree, conformation, and movement, he is a top-notch stallion of significant frame and good caliber with very expansive, fluid movement. He has obtained numerous tournament successes under his owner [O. Langels], as well as several riding horse Championships."
Ibikus was sold to Denmark in 1976, then returned to Germany where he stood from 1977 through 1983. He returned to Denmark in 1983, and died in 1996. He sired 12 approved sons in Germany and 106 studbook daughters, including the Verband Elite Mares GO-DA, GONDOLA, KLEOPATRA, and SCHWALBENBURG; he also made an impression in Denmark, where he sired, among others, an approved stallion as well as the dam of the Danish Champion stallion RAMBO.

Upon his death, the following remarks were added to the German Stallion Book, along with the updated list of his approved sons and registered daughters:
"Ibikus is one of the most influential sires of the Trakehner breeding since the second world war. Ibikus takes a leading position within the Trakehner population, not only through the amount and the quality of his approved sons and registered daughters, but also with respect to the delivery of Elite Auction horses, stallion-mothers, and successful competition horses especially in dressage." (Lars Gehrmann 1997)

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Kaprice II

1965 Dark Chestnut Trakehner mare

The Verband Premium mare Kaprice II produced the approved stallion KARNEVAL and his sisters, two daughters of extreme importance to Trakehner breeding: KAPRIZIÖSE and KARBEN. Kapriziöse is the dam of the approved stallions KASPAREIT and KAPUCCINO, full brothers by MOZART. KARBEN gave birth to the stallions KARIM (by MOZART, who was sold to Brazil in 1979) and KARON (by AROGNO, and sire of the stallion BEAUJOLAIS II, Premium stallion SCHAMPUS, GADSBY, and Elite Hengst CAPRIMOND, who stood as chief sire at Klosterhof Medingen, sire of 5 approved sons and 110 studbook mares). One of Karben's daughters, KAPSTADT by FALKE, is the dam of the incomparable stallion KOSTOLANY.

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1965 Dark Bay Trakehner stallion
height 166 cm (16.1H +); girth 194 cm; cannon 21.0 cm.
Bred by Gutsverwaltung Schwaighof b. Nordendorf, Bavaria.

Flaneur was Reserve Champion of the 1967 Körung at Neumünster, and was approved with the comments: "Exemplary model with much significance in the whole appearance. Typey head; good neck; well-positioned, broad, and well-muscled shoulder; good and uniformily conditioned body. Strong and correct in the foundation with good, straight movement. The stallion has proven himself to be a predictable, above-average sire."

Performance tested at Westercelle 1968, Flaneur was highly scored and described as follows: "Quiet, very balanced temperament, playful but good in character. Constitution tight and firm. Good rideability, balanced, uncomplicated and comfortable to ride. Better than average jumping ability; good overall performance ability; good ground-covering walk, swinging and correct trot, well-balanced loose canter. A stallion with many possibilities."

He was a successful eventer and spent most of his life in the care of Ilka-Ilona Wenzel. His impact on the Trakehner breed is great, having sired 15 graded stallions in Germany (the most important generally considered to be AROGNO) and 106 Stud Book daughters, including the States Premium Mare MAHARANI II (dam of Elite Stallion MACKENSEN and full brothers MAHAGONI and MARLON), States Premium Mare PERIHEL, and Elite Mares KANCONETTE and KARAWANE II (dam of the approved stallion KANTOR, States Premium and Premium Mare KANDICE, and Elite Mare KARAVELLE III). His descendents are sought after for competition, and his son TROUBADOUR was Christine Stückelberger's reserve mount for the Seoul Olympics. Flaneur died in 1988.


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Arcticonius xx

1968 Black/Brown Irish Thoroughbred mare
Registered in the Trakehner Verband Anhang, 170 cm (16.3H), girth 205 cm (80.7"), bone 21 cm (8.25"), inspection marks 2,2,2/2,2 (old system, highest "0").

Truly a super-mare, as well as Verband Elite mare, Arcticonius gave birth to three graded stallions--full brothers AVIGNON II and Elite Stallion AROGNO (also Reserve Champion at Körung and winner of his performance testing) by FLANEUR, and ACAJOU by the Flaneur son DAMASKUS, as well as daughters including the States Premium and Premium Mare ANNA KARENINA (dam of the stallion AMATCHO), and ARKTIS II (dam of the stallion ARENTINO), both daughters by FLANEUR. Arcticonius xx died in 1992.


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1971 Bay Trakehner stallion
OSB-E-S179, height 171 cm (16.3H +); girth 200 cm; cannon 22.0 cm.
Bred by V. Wagner von Schöning, FRG.

Reserve champion at the Neumünster approvals in 1973 with the comments "A breeding stallion of significant format with good pronounced musculature and a strong foundation; the strong, broad hocks stand a bit close, the hind pasterns a bit out; significant mechanics in all gaits."

Ricardo completed the performance test at Westercelle in 1974 with the following results: "Sufficient walk, swinging trot with action, energetic canter; quiet temperament, occasionally studdy; constitution sufficiently hard; rideability rather good; good jumping ability; overall rather good. Quality horse with good jumping aptitude in stadium and cross country."

He was imported to the U.S. by the Barton family of Sorento, Illinois in 1980 and stood at their Castell Imperator Hof until his death in 1983. In his relatively short breeding career he sired 20 stud book daughters in Germany, and three stallion sons in the US: TAUSENDSASSA and TAUROGGEN out of TARABIA "E", both approved by the ATA and since gelded, and DANZIG, previously approved by the NATA and now ATA licensed, currently standing at stud. Ricardo is also the dam's sire of the imported MAHAGONI son, BÜTOW, out of BARINA.

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Ta Condé

Trakehner mare owned by the Barton family. Ta Condé is a daughter of PRINCE CONDÉ out of TANSANIA by HARTUNG. She is the dam of the 1996 National Champion Mare THE NOIR VOM CASTELL by AVIGNON II.


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1952 Black Trakehner stallion
height 160 cm; girth 192 cm; cannon 20.5 cm.
Bred by the Trakehner Verband at Schmoel, FRG.

The German Stallion Book provides the following comments:
"Medium frame, full of charm, harmony and balance; beautiful, very expressive head; shapely and well-muscled body; foundation medium strength; way of going straight and swinging. One of the most significant stallions of the last two decades. Equally outstanding in the production of breeding animals and riding horses. Emphasized especially in his children are harmony, good type, balanced movement, and flawless character."
Komet died in 1980, having sired 7 approved sons and 52 stud book daughters, including the Verband Elite mare HERBSTBLÜTE.

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Chestnut Trakehner mare

Gudrun is a daughter of ABENDSTERN out of GUNDEL by LATERAN.


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Miranda III

1966 Black Trakehner mare
Owned by K. Rosenau, Brunstein, FRG.

A full sister of the stallions MIKADO and MARCELLUS, Miranda gave birth to two approved stallions: MOZART by GUNNAR, and MILAN by TANNENBERG.

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1953 Bay Trakehner stallion
height 164 cm; girth 197 cm; cannon 22.0 cm.
Bred by F. Scharfetter, FRG.

Impuls is a son of the great HUMBOLDT, who was the first-place winner of the 1951 DLG at Hamburg and the sire of 8 approved sons and 48 studbook daughters. Impuls' dam ITALIA 54 is a legend in her own right. She received scores of 1, 2, 0/0, 1 (where "0" is the best possible score), made the "trek" from East Prussia despite shrapnel in her hind leg, and founded her own mare family (from which our mare, ITAMIGNON, descends), dying at the age of 18 after giving birth to her last foal.

The German Stallion Book provides as follows:
"Strong, important breeding stallion with good stallion expression. Noble, character-full head; well-set and well-carried neck; good in the withers and shoulder; very beautiful in the topline; especially muscular, well-formed croup; excellent hocks, just a bit straighter than ideal. Well-formed knees; short sturdy cannons; well-muscled forearm; front pasterns somewhat upright, the hooves having a slight tendency to contracted heels. Straight, very swinging way of going. In all a very correct breeding stallion.

He is paramount in the production of good broodmares with much substance, best foundation and good character. Some sons are valuable breeding stallions, and some children have excelled in competition, both in jumping and in dressage."
Considered by many to be the most important sire post World-War II, Impuls left to the breed 17 approved sons and 117 studbook mares, including the Verband Elite mare SCHWALBENLIED, at his death in 1976.


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A daughter of the Thoroughbred stallion, MAIGRAF xx, Mirabel produced the two approved stallions MIKADO and MARCELLUS, as well as the mare MIRANDA, their full sister by IMPULS, who is the dam of the approved stallions MOZART and MILAN. A daughter of the mare MIRAKEL by ALTAN, who was half sister of the stallions ABSOLUT and OEKONOM, and the dam of the illustrious stallions MARCO POLO (by POET xx) and MORGENGLANZ (by ABGLANZ).


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1963 Dark Bay Trakehner stallion
height 158 cm.
Bred at Kurhess. Hausstiftung Schmoel.

Hertilas stood at Gestüt Webelsgrund until 1966, when he was sold as a riding horse and became successful at dressage through S-level. He sired the stallion IBIKUS and two studbook mares.

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1960 Chestnut Trakehner mare

Without a doubt the most successful IMPULS daughter, gave birth to four approved sons: INTIMUS, IBIKUS, the Grand Prix jumper INFANT, and INDUS. Her daughter INSTANZ is the dam of the stallion IGLESIAS; daughter IRKA produced the 1984 Neumünster Champion and 1985 Warendorf 100 Day Test Champion, ITAXERXES; and her daughter INDIANA is the dam of the stallion ILLUSTER.

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Chestnut Trakehner mare

Kassandra is a daughter of the stallion SPORN, who was bred at the Main Stud Trakehnen, sired 3 graded sons and 20 studbook mares, and is featured in the book Hauptbeschälerbuch Trakehnen ("Chief Sires at Trakehnen"). Her dam is the immortal KASSETTE, a grey mare foaled at the Main Stud Trakehnen in 1937, by the Arabian Harun Al Raschid ox. Kassette's pedigree can be traced back to 1780 and she is the founder of the largest mare family within the Trakehner breed. She survived the "trek" and at Trakehner Stud at Rantzau, helped to revive the Trakehner breed in the period following World War II, until she died in 1966 at the age of 29.

Kassandra was a foundation mare of Gestüt Webelsgrund at Springe. IMPULS sired 10 of her 12 foals, and her sons included the stallions KADETT, KAPITÄN, KARNEOL, KASSIUS, and the Olympic competitor IMANUEL. Her daughters were stallion-mothers and left an indelible mark upon the breed. For example, daughter KASSIOPEIA was DLG Champion and was a foundation mare at Gestüt Hämelschenburg.


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1957 Grey Trakehner stallion
height 166 cm (16.1H +); girth 185 cm; cannon 20.5 cm.
Bred by G. Hoogen, Vogelsangshof, Rheinland.

Maharadscha won Second Prize at the 1962 DLG Exhibition in Munich. He was of vast importance to the Trakehner breed in the post-World War II period, as a grandson of the extremely significant Arabian stallion Fetysz ox. Maharadscha sired 11 graded sons and 82 stud book mares, including German Elite mare ABIZA (dam of ABDULLAH). He improved the herds of his own stud as well as the State Studs at Birkhausen and Rantzau, in addition to Gestüt Schwaighof. The German Stallion Book lists the following comments:
"Extraordinarily beautiful, expressive stallion with Arabian stamp, but in a large format. Very pretty face, much neck, thoroughly sufficient girth; the way of going is elastic and swinging; the stallion shows the best inclination for riding. In his youth he had such a bad accident that his recovery was doubtful. From that he retained a somewhat crooked head carriage which was only noticeable in the stable. From a veterinary perspective, this probably resulted from a hearing impairment from the accident.

A stallion of vast significance not only in the Trakehner but also in Bavarian breeding. Although somewhat nervous and therefore a hard keeper, he did not pass that on. His children inherited a pleasant character, good rideability, and good rhythmic movement. His sons, Flaneur in the Trakehner and his full brother, Mahdi, in the Bavarian breed, took a paramount position."

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Flocke IV

Bay Trakehner mare

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Apollonius xx

Thoroughbred stallion

Sired by ARCHIVE xx (a son of NEARCO xx) and out of PREEN xx by PRETORIUS xx.

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Arctic Gail xx

Thoroughbred mare

Sired by HILL GAIL xx and out of ARCTIC PATH xx by ARCTIC STAR xx.

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1966 Grey Trakehner stallion
height 165 cm (16.1H); girth 191 cm; cannon 20.5 cm.
Bred by Trakehner Verband at Gestuet Hunnesrück.

Index was performance tested at Medingen in 1969 with the following evaluation: "Good walk, sufficient trot, very good canter; exceptional constitution and temperament; rideability evaluation good; cross-country test very good." The Stallion Book comments are:
"Compact, well-sprung ribs and very muscular stallion with a pretty, small head. The front feet could be tighter. Very agile and always balanced in all movements. Surprisingly he produced large-framed horses, amongst then breeding stallions with quality and much movement."
Index sired 5 graded stallions and 54 studbook mares before his death in 1989.

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Verband Premium Mare, maternal granddam of Elite Stallions ROCKEFELLER and RAVEL.


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Prince Condé

1967 Black Bay Trakehner stallion
height 167 cm (16.1H +); girth 190 cm; cannon 19.7 cm.
Bred by H. Adolff, Laiserslautern.

Prince Condé was Reserve Champion of his approvals at Neumünster and Champion at the DLG Exhibition at Hannover 1972. He was performance tested at Westercelle 1970 and was Reserve Champion, with the following results: "Walk good, trot and canter very good; sensitive temperament; hard constitution; good rideability, needs a sensitive hand; good jumping ability; intelligent riding horse with versatility." The German Stallion Book provides: "The highest measure of nobility and beauty; complete harmony in everything. Smooth musculature; dry and clear texture; lovely in neck and head; wonderful in his manner and way he presents himself. Ideal movement for a riding horse in all paces. Girth's depth and breadth above average; the cannons could be somewhat heavier."

He sired 4 approved sons, including ZAUBERKLANG (Reserve Champion of his performance test, DLG Champion, and winner of 5 championship titles at Devon), as well as 37 studbook mares.

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Trakehner mare

Tansania is sired by HARTUNG and out of TANGENTE by MAIGRAF xx.


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