2000 OSB Trakehner Mare


1993 Dark Bay Trakehner stallion
OSB-A-S317, height 16.3+H, girth 78.7", bone 9.1".
Bred by Jean Brinkman, Vahalla Farm, Florida, USA; Owned by Joseph Pimentel, FL.

Approved at Columbus, Ohio by the American Trakehner Association in 1996, Impressionist was highly scored and received the following approval comments from Dr. Senckenburg of the Verband inspection committee:
"First rate stallion who combines caliber with nobility and has a powerful animated way of going, primarily at the canter. With respect to face and appearance, he is clearly stamped by his grandsire."
Impressionist completed his performance requirement for full breeding approval status, winning the Sharpton Fall Horse Trials at Altoona, FL out of a field of 27. He is an increasingly popular stallion and covered the highest number of mares of any ATA-registered stallion in the year 2000.

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1986 Dark bay Trakehner stallion
height 16.1H; girth 72.7"; cannon 7.9".
Bred by Peter Langman, FRG; owned by Jean Brinkman, Valhalla Farm, FL

Imported to the U.S. in 1987, Hailo was approved at the American Trakehner Association Central Stallion Inspections in 1989, receiving the following comments:
"Well put together stallion with much type and presence; neck is attached properly, withers are distinct; straight in the kidney area; slight mis-alignment in the foreleg; big, elastic movement with much action and covering a lot of ground while becoming a little wide behind." (Dr. Senckenberg)
Actively competing in dressage, Hailo finished 2000 in Intermediaire I, coming in 3rd in the USDF All-Breeds Index and 63rd on the Horse of the Year, with a score of 62.43%. A prolific sire in the United States, Hailo is the sire of the stallions IMPRESSIONIST and MONTE, the Exceptional Mare O'CHARLESY *M*, as well as numerous in-hand and performance champions in dressage, combined training, and hunters.

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Grey Trakehner mare

Foaled in Germany, imported to the U.S. and owned by Jean Brinkman, FL; last owned by Joseph Pimentel, FL

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1975 Bay Trakehner stallion
OSB-E-S172, height 165 cm (16.1H), girth 78.6", bone 8.25".
Bred by I & H Hencke, Schloss Ricklingen, FRG; Owned by Legacy Trakehner Stud.

Premium stallion at 1977 Neumünster approvals, Graditz was performance tested in 1978 at Medingen. The German Stallion Book provides the following remarks:
"Extremely beautiful in all parts. Finely chiseled head, good neck, best overall top line, somewhat light in bone, good hocks, first-class mover, especially at the trot."
Graditz was also approved by the Hannoverian Verband.

He was imported to the United States in 1980 and had the distinction of siring seven ATA-approved stallions. His stallion sons include ADVOCATE, DICHTER, DONNERKEIL, IBSEN, LAUSBUB (gelded), and PENNANT. Graditz died in 2001, leaving at the time of his death 5 approved stallion sons, 2 approved stallion grandsons, and 44 stud book daughters. His son TZIGANE was later approved by the ATA.

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E.H. Anduc

1981 Dark Bay Trakehner stallion
height 166 cm; girth 201 cm; cannon 21.0 cm.
Bred by H. Igstadt, Wiesbaden, FRG.

Anduc was approved at Neumünster in 1983, and performance tested in 1984 at Adelheidsdorf. The German Stallion Book provides the following comments:
"In type and appearance an exceptional example of Trakehner breeding. Harmonious and beautiful in frame and appearance. Supple in movement, swinging through the body. His performance ability predestines him for the highest levels. Noble refining sire."
Anduc was Premium stallion at the National Trakehner show at Verden in 1985. He was awarded Elite Hengst status by the Verband in 1995, with a breeding index of 145 for Dressage. Anduc died in 1995, leaving in Germany 6 approved stallion sons, including the Elite Stallion ANGARD, and 91 studbook daughters.

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E.H. Mackensen

1976 Dark Bay Trakehner stallion
height 167 cm; girth 197 cm; cannon 21.0 cm.
Bred by G. Hoogen, Vogelsgangshof, FRG.

Mackensen was Körung Champion at Neumünster 1978 and performance tested at Adelheidsdorf in 1979. The German Stallion Book gives the following remarks:
"First-class model of a breeding stallion. Massive frame; excellent, strong foundation; good way of going. Optimal breed quality. Through his 5 approved sons and the large number of his registered daughters he is one of the most important stallions in the Trakehner breed post-WWII. Mackensen reproduces himself quite reliably and stamps his children; now and then there is a certain variance in frame, size, and caliber as influenced by the dam. They are usually satisfactory in the elasticity of their movement and with respect to body connections. In disposition his get are simple and pleasant. Altogether a good breeding sire, whose get are increasingly making names for themselves."
Mackensen was a Premium Stallion at the National Trakehner Stallion Show in Verden in 1985, and a winner at the DLG Exhibition at Frankfurt in 1989. In 1995 he was awarded Elite Hengst status by the Verband, with breeding indices of 149 for Dressage, 122 for Jumping, and 136 overall. He was Verband Stallion of the Year in 1995. Mackensen was retired from breeding in 2000, having 7 approved stallion sons and 100 registered daughters. His son CHARLY CHAPLIN is an Elite Hengst candidate as of 1995.


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1970 Chestnut Trakehner stallion
height 162 cm (16.0H); girth 191 cm; cannon 20.7 cm.
Bred by V. Wagner von Schöning.

Performance tested and winner at Westercelle 1973, he was a successful Class "S" jumper. The German Stallion Book provides as follows:
"Walk, trot, canter good. Attentive favorable temperament, firm constitution. Good rideability, easy to handle. Good jumping ability. Elegant riding horse for multiple disciplines.

Excellent example of a sire with good breed and stallion type: noble, expressive head, very well-set neck, good shoulder, saddle position and topline, harmonious physique, four good legs, very ground covering movement in all gaits.

Rondo delivers hard, dry horses of pleasing type. The movement could often show more authority. His get are sometimes light in their foundations. The stallion has produced some excellent sport horses for all disciplines."
He sired 3 graded sons and 33 studbook daughters, with children competing at the highest levels in dressage and jumping. Rondo died in 1997.

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Avignon II

1974 Black/Brown Trakehner stallion
OSB-E-S180, height 16.1H, girth 77.2", bone 9".
Bred by Dr. Rudolph Arning, FRG; Owned by and imported by The Barton Family of Sorento, Illinois.

Full brother to the German Verband Stallion of the Year and Elite Hengst AROGNO (sire of TCN PARTOUT ridden by Anky van Grunsven), and the States Premium and Premium Mare ANNA KARENINA; half brother to numerous graded stallions including ISTANBUL and DAMASKUS.

Sire of multiple champions, in hand as well as all disciplines; sire of ATA approved stallion PAJOU and 1996 ATA National Champion Mare THE NOIR VOM CASTELL. 20 years after his importation to the US, his impact is still seen in Germany, exemplified by his granddaughter LIVONNE, State Premium and Verband Premium mare, photographed after claiming Reserve Champion at the Landesschau in Westfalia, 2000. The German Stallion Book provides the following remarks:
"Harmonious overall, full of expression; medium frame, correct, medium strong foundation; breed type and characteristics clearly evident; well muscled body, compact and tautly textured; type of the multifaceted performance horse that could have a bit more masculinity. "
Avignon died in 2002 at Castell Imperator Hof.


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The Princess Condé

Dark Bay Trakehner mare

Princess was bred by the Barton family of Sorento, Illinois and has been a valued member of the broodmare herd of Castell Imperator Hof.

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E.H. Marduc

1977 Grey Trakehner stallion
height 166 cm; girth 198 cm; cannon 21.0 cm.
Bred by G. Petry, Saarburg, FRG.

Marduc was Reserve Champion of the 1979 Körung at Neumünster, and Reserve Champion of his performance testing at Adelheidsdorf in 1980. The German Stallion Book provides the following comments:
"Impressive Halali-son of large caliber. Very good in size, frame and foundation; sensitive in nature. Expansive in movement with good articulation; somewhat wide behind. Very significant breeding sire model.

This expressive Gabriel-grandson is increasingly approaching the focal point of the breeding scene and is becoming one of the most important sires of the post-WWII period. His children are usually of noble type and good frames with suitable size, are at the same time sometimes somewhat sensitive in nature. The movement is often very elastic and expressive in all three gaits, though sometimes somewhat wide behind. The stallion seems to cross especially well to mares without Arabian blood."
Marduc is one of 3 approved sons of HALALI, out of MADEIRA II by FERLIN. He was a Premium Stallion at the National Trakehner Stallion Show at Verden 1985, and in 1995 was awarded the status of Elite Hengst by the Trakehner Verband, having a breeding index of 147 for dressage.

Of Marduc's 6 approved sons, two became Elite stallions--ANDUC (himself the sire of E.H. ANGARD) and HERZZAUBER; INDUC was Reserve Körung Champion 1992 and HERZZAUBER was Körung Champion 1990. Marduc died in 1995, leaving his 6 approved sons and 117 stud book daughters, including the Elite Mare ARABICA.



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1976 Chestnut Trakehner mare

A daughter of IBIKUS out of ANGERAPP III, a daughter of IMPULS--destined by bloodline to be a superb dam and stallion-mother.


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1959 Dark Bay Trakehner stallion
height 162 cm; girth 184 cm; cannon 21.0 cm.
Bred by A. Lingnau, Bremen, FRG.

Thor was performance tested at Dillenburg in 1964. The German Stallion Book provides the following remarks:
"Overall: quite good; walk: excellent; trot: very good; temperament: good; constitution: excellent.

Solid, compact stallion with masculine expression, well-made neck and oblique, extended shoulder; well-sprung barrel; strongly muscled croup; way of going straight and swinging with impulsion; behind something base-wide. He supplied many good horses for breeding and riding use; his children have flawless jumping talent, strong builds and good character, as well as dependability in all requests."
Thor died in 1974, leaving 3 approved stallions and 22 registered daughters.

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Hera IV

Black Trakehner mare

A daughter of the Trakehner stallion, INTERMEZZO, out of HARFENSPIEL by CENTURIO (a SPORN son).                                                            

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1966 Black Trakehner stallion
height 171 cm; girth 200 cm; cannon 22.0 cm.
Bred at Gestüt Kadyny, Poland.

Patron was approved at Wülfrath, Rheinland in 1970. The German Stallion Book has the following remarks:
"Significant stallion of the largest frame with beautiful lines and the best breed type. Especially good in the head, neck, shoulder, and topline. Strong, dry forelegs; hocks strong and somewhat low set. Good way of going. In his previous foals, good growth, solid skeletons and satisfying movement can be seen."
Retired from breeding at the age of 31 in 1997, Patron sired 9 approved sons and 154 registered daughters. Patron died in 1999.

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Maharani II

Dark Bay Trakehner mare

Maharani is a Verband Premium Mare by the stallion FLANEUR and out of the Verband Premium Mare MARQUISE by ALTAN. MAHARANI is the dam of Elite Hengst MACKENSEN, as well as MAHAGONI (the sire of the Olympic horse, PERON, ENRICO CARUSO, and DONAUFÜRST, among others) and his full brother, MARLON. Maharani was also a half-sister to the stallions MARKASIT (by HARTUNG), MARAKESCH (by PATRON) and MAJORAN (by RUBIN).


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Neuquen xx

1971 Grey Thoroughbred stallion
height 171 cm; girth 195 cm; cannon 20.5 cm.
Bred by Gräfin M. Batthyany, France.

Neuquen xx, a Fench Thoroughbred, had a successful racing career: in 19 starts, he had 5 wins and 10 placings, with winnings of 44,850 DM. The German Stallion Book provides the following remarks:
"Pompous grey in the type of the Irish horse with energetic athletic expression. Enormous parts, especially in the shoulder and croup. Somewhat steep forelegs, long hind legs. Ground covering movement out of a very active hind end.

His children are stamped with his large body parts and high performance ability for all competitive disciplines. Isolated they are somewhat sensitive."
He was approved for breeding with the Trakehner Verband as well as the Hannoverian. Neuquen died in 1994, leaving to the Trakehner breed the performance stallion SAINT CLOUD and 13 registered daughters, including CHIUSA, dam of the MACKENSEN son, CHARLY CHAPLIN.

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1932 Dark Bay Trakehner stallion
height 170 cm (16.3H); girth189 cm; cannon 21.5 cm.
Bred by I. Prieger, Grosshansdorf.

The German Stallion Book provides these remarks:
"Good stallion expression combined with excellent type. Significant and noble in all respects; very good movement. Excellent length and form of the neck as well as the shoulder area; in spite of long lines, strong connections; movement is better in front than behind; flawless, sufficiently strong foundation; very good movement. Beautiful type with a noble face and a good neck with large frame are characteristic of his get, as well as good character. Especially valuable because of his many good daughters with big movement."
He died in 1980, leaving 12 approved stallion sons and 55 studbook daughters.

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Chestnut Trakehner mare

Rositten is a daughter of STERNDEUTER out of REGINA by LAUSBUB. She is a half-sister to the Verband Premium Mare RASTENBURG, dam of the Elite Stallions RAVEL and ROCKEFELLER.

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1956 Dark Bay Trakehner stallion
height 160 cm (15.3H); girth 180 cm; cannon 20.2 cm.
Bred by the Trakehner Verband Hamburg at Gestüt Hunnesrück, FRG.

The German Stallion Book provides the following remarks:
"Noble, expressive stallion standing over much ground. Very pretty head, much neck, shoulder and withers; good topline, sufficient depth of girth; dry, correct foundation, but light; expansive way of going in the walk, trot, and canter; right front points somewhat outward. The stallion covered only few mares but produced very quality horses."
He sired 4 stud book mares before 1960 when he was sold to Denmark, where he died in 1975.

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Chestnut Trakehner mare

Gitarre is a daughter of KEITH, the longest-surviving of the original Trakehners who made the trek from East Prussia, out of GITTA by ALARICH.

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1965 Dark Bay Trakehner stallion
height 166 cm (16.1H +); girth 194 cm; cannon 21.0 cm.
Bred by Gutsverwaltung Schwaighof b. Nordendorf, Bavaria.

Flaneur was Reserve Champion of the 1967 Körung at Neumünster, and was approved with the comments: "Exemplary model with much significance in the whole appearance. Typey head; good neck; well-positioned, broad, and well-muscled shoulder; good and uniformily conditioned body. Strong and correct in the foundation with good, straight movement. The stallion has proven himself to be a predictable, above-average sire."

Performance tested at Westercelle 1968, Flaneur was highly scored and described as follows: "Quiet, very balanced temperament, playful but good in character. Constitution tight and firm. Good rideability, balanced, uncomplicated and comfortable to ride. Better than average jumping ability; good overall performance ability; good ground-covering walk, swinging and correct trot, well-balanced loose canter. A stallion with many possibilities."

He was a successful eventer and spent most of his life in the care of Ilka-Ilona Wenzel. His impact on the Trakehner breed is great, having sired 15 graded stallions in Germany (the most important generally considered to be AROGNO) and 106 Stud Book daughters, including the States Premium Mare MAHARANI II (dam of Elite Stallion MACKENSEN and full brothers MAHAGONI and MARLON), States Premium Mare PERIHEL, and Elite Mares KANCONETTE and KARAWANE II (dam of the approved stallion KANTOR, States Premium and Premium Mare KANDICE, and Elite Mare KARAVELLE III). His descendents are sought after for competition, and his son TROUBADOUR was Christine Stückelberger's reserve mount for the Seoul Olympics. Flaneur died in 1988.


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Arcticonius xx

1968 Black/Brown Irish Thoroughbred mare
Registered in the Trakehner Verband Anhang, 170 cm (16.3H), girth 205 cm (80.7"), bone 21 cm (8.25"), inspection marks 2,2,2/2,2 (old system, highest "0").

Truly a super-mare, as well as Verband Elite mare, Arcticonius gave birth to three graded stallions--full brothers AVIGNON II and Elite Stallion AROGNO (also Reserve Champion at Körung and winner of his performance testing) by FLANEUR, and ACAJOU by the Flaneur son DAMASKUS, as well as daughters including the States Premium and Premium Mare ANNA KARENINA (dam of the stallion AMATCHO), and ARKTIS II (dam of the stallion ARENTINO), both daughters by FLANEUR. Arcticonius xx died in 1992.


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1971 Bay Trakehner stallion
OSB-E-S179, height 171 cm (16.3H +); girth 200 cm; cannon 22.0 cm.
Bred by V. Wagner von Schöning, FRG.

Reserve champion at the Neumünster approvals in 1973 with the comments "A breeding stallion of significant format with good pronounced musculature and a strong foundation; the strong, broad hocks stand a bit close, the hind pasterns a bit out; significant mechanics in all gaits."

Ricardo completed the performance test at Westercelle in 1974 with the following results: "Sufficient walk, swinging trot with action, energetic canter; quiet temperament, occasionally studdy; constitution sufficiently hard; rideability rather good; good jumping ability; overall rather good. Quality horse with good jumping aptitude in stadium and cross country."

He was imported to the U.S. by the Barton family of Sorento, Illinois in 1980 and stood at their Castell Imperator Hof until his death in 1983. In his relatively short breeding career he sired 20 stud book daughters in Germany, and three stallion sons in the US: TAUSENDSASSA and TAUROGGEN out of TARABIA "E", both approved by the ATA and since gelded, and DANZIG, previously approved by the NATA and now ATA licensed, currently standing at stud. Ricardo is also the dam's sire of the imported MAHAGONI son, BÜTOW, out of BARINA.

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Ta Condé

Trakehner mare owned by the Barton family. Ta Condé is a daughter of PRINCE CONDÉ out of TANSANIA by HARTUNG. She is the dam of the 1996 National Champion Mare THE NOIR VOM CASTELL by AVIGNON II.


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